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Rocket Your YouTube Video - #1 Page Guaranteed

Guarantee 1st page on YouTube for kw with max 100k search results or give you a full refund
As the title says this is a complete youtube seo service focused on ranking youtube videos, your videos google rank will also increase although the service mainly focuses on the ranking of the video in youtube.

Why boost your video with thousands of likes, views if your video is not ranked and nobody will ever see it?
Rocket Your YouTube Video
YouTube SEO
Before you order, make shure your kw has max 100k search results or I will reject the order.
To find how many search results has your kw, just use your kw in youtube search bar , right below the search bar u will see the search results number

The service is for 1 keyword, 1 video and 1 url in the description/order
Buying this service you will get the following
  • Onpage SEO for the video description, we will ask you to make some changes in the description
  • Multy Tiered Linkwheel for the YouTube video, Tier 1 includes, web 2.0, social networks, wiki, rss, bookmarks and forum profiles backlinkks, Tier 2 Secret formula backlinks will not be included in the report
  • Unique spinned articles relevant to your niche which we will use in the link building campaign
Proof of previous success

1 st page of youtube for 5 high competition kw in less a week after ordering

50k/mo exact searches
YouTube Search Results 11.5 million


Q I have adsence on my video is this service safe?
A The service is adsence friendly but we do recommend you to turn it off till we finish the campaign
Q I have more than 1 kw for which I want to rank up can I send you more kw
A No, the service can only use one kw/order, so if you want to rank up for several kw , you need to order multiple times 1kw/order
Q Do I have to give you acces to my youtube account?
A No
Q What kind of videos you do accept?
A We accept any kind of videos or site urls except explicit adult

​Polite notice

While the service is 100% safe and it works we can not be held liable for any youtube account banns or video takedowns from youtube, there are a lot of mass flaggers on yt which either enwy your succes and flag your video or mass flagg 1st page videos which happens in some niches 


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